The Caltex network of stations covers a huge geographic area from Africa to Australia and most of North Asia.


Many of the stations are Retailer Owned and Retailer Operated (RORO), and Caltex has a team in every country that is tasked with finding potential new sites and new investors.


Caltex tasked Paul with making a web series aimed at attracting more landowners to join the team. So we went to several sites in Malaysia and the Philippines to interview some RORO owners.


These are our favourite moments from some very candid and unscripted testimonials.

Even though we were trekking around some of the more remote areas of both countries, our small crew was able to take an entire cinema quality filming kit in only a few cases.


One of our devices allowed us to get the owners to talk directly to the camera, even if they had never done that before. It's a technique that offers a lot more veracity than the standard 3/4 interview angle.


Enjoy the Journey, with Caltex

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