Camera Tests and Wanton Destruction


Back in 2011, when we took delivery of our Red Epic M, we thought we'd put it to the test in a variety of tabletop product-style shots. So we gathered up a few things we found around the house, polished them up nice and threw in a bit of kinetic energy.

We had a smashing weekend, shooting, dropping, throwing and snacking on some of the props.

No animals were harmed in the making of this picture. Shame about the watch.

Red Dragon Low Light/Mixed Light
Source Tests


Shot on the very first evening that our Red Dragon arrived, specifically to test its low light performance.


Using only the light that was there, we found that the Dragon is much less noisier than its predecessor, and the noise is much more organic, almost like grain. It really is a quantum leap over the old MX sensor.




Featuring the make up skills of KL-based stylist Fancy Rosie on beautiful Iranian model, Sarah

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