The Difference


We've seen a lot of corporate videos, and we try to watch them with the mindset of a consumer. Sad to say, from that point of view many of them fall short. Here's why.


Most corporate videos are voiced by a very official or pompous sounding VO, and the structure follows this format:


  1. Our History
  2. Our Products
  3. Our People


We believe that this old fashioned approach is not only wrong, but it can also harm your brand. It's not what your customer is looking for. Here's what your potential customer really wants to see:


  1. Your People and their Integrity
  2. Your Product and After Sales Philosophy
  3. What your Customers think about You.


Our videos are built upon these insights.


We firmly believe that the people to tell your story are you, your staff and your customers.


So, when filming Corporate Comms, whether for the public or internal, we let the people involved speak for themselves. Our simple and friendly approach prompts people to say the best things, in their own words. And then we pull the story out of these wonderful unscripted soundbites.


A Very Watchable Structure


It may sound unstructured, but it isn't. Everything is aimed at thinking not about what you want to tell your customers, but what your customers need to hear. It's a conversation that we build in the editing suite.


The results have integrity. They are natural and unforced. And they work.


I have gotten nothing but compliments from the quick commercial you produced for our website. That short "blip" on our homepage is giving new customers the confidence to contact us and I am enjoying the results. - Dave Modisette, owner - Plastics America, Tampa, FL. USA

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