Here are some success stories from Paul's past, when he was based in Singapore.  His knowledge and expertise has led to some major business wins, including a stadium and a multi-billion dollar integrated resort.

Caltex: A Very Long Relationship


Paul has been working with Caltex in different roles since 2001. Back then he was one of the copywriters working at McCann Erickson, assisting with the pitch that led to the winning of the prestigious Caltex Worldwide marketing account.


Since then he was continued to provide many services for the company, filling in when ad agencies either don't want to or cannot do the work required by the marketing team.


The scope of work has been wide. It has included:

  • Internal Corporate Videos
  • B2B Marketing Videos
  • Photography
  • Below-The-Line Literature
  • and many more items

The video above is a taster of a complete

web series that was created to attract investors

who would build and run their own Caltex

stations. This has been a very successful programme.

Selling The New National Stadium


The success of helping to convince the Singapore government to choose Genting to run the 2nd Integrated Resort did not go un-noticed. Only a few months later, Paul (working through his Singapore company) was approached by Dragage, the French company leading the bid, to help sell the HSBC/Dragage bid to build the new National Stadium.


Working closely with the Dragage team, and with a little help from Nick Thomas, who had led the Genting team to success, Paul devised a look and feel that carried through every piece of communication that comprised the bid. He wrote and designed the executive summary, an A3 sized coffee table book with over 120 pages.

Instead of a 3D architectural fly-through video, Paul wrote and directed an 8 minute fake sportscast, using 2 ESPN presenters, that presented the stadium as a living social entity, under the brand name Premier Park.

He also strategised presentations for maximum effect - including one event at the old stadium that involved the building of an entire presentation room while the unsuspecting attendees watched the first session. When they came out for lunch an entire exhibition had been built around the entrance in less than three hours.


The result was a winning pitch and the new Singapore National Stadium was opened in 2015. The name changed, but the concept remains the same.


Here is the 34 page Press Release that Paul created from edited highlights of the winning bid.

Taking the Gamble Out of Winning


In 2006 the Singapore government, having successfully found a partner to develop the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, opened up a pitch for the second Integrated Resort on Sentosa Island.


A former client of Paul's, Nick Thomas, who was running a branding company under the wing of MC Saatchi, was appointed to build the brand and bid for Genting Resorts.


The stakes were high. Whoever won this bid would get the chance to build and run a major Singapore tourist attraction and money-spinner. Malaysian company Genting were very keen to win.

As the deadline approached Nick felt that the bid was not fully rounded, and that it needed someone to come in and take charge of the writing and overall design project. Having worked with Paul many times in the past, it only took a quick phone call before Paul took over the responsibility of knocking it into shape.

The result was an enormous effort. Paul wrote hundreds of pages of sales copy, pulling in data from a wide variety of sources and bid partners. With a local design house, Litt Linden, pulling the design duties, Paul created a 110 page coffee table book that formed the Executive Summary.


The result is, as they say, history. Resorts World now makes billions of dollars every year and is one of Singapore's anchor attractions.

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