Ratecard: October 2016

Director of Photography, per day

Documentary: RM1500

Music Video: RM2500

Feature Film/Corporate: RM2500

TVC: RM6000

PrePro: RM1500 per day

Prices not inclusive of camera or equipment. Multi-day projects please call for quotation.


Post Production

DoP Supervising color grading is compulsory, charged at 40% daily rate.


Editor/Colouring (including high-end edit/colouring suite in acoustically treated room)

Day Rate: RM2000

See Who/Gear for full room equipment list


Red Dragon package, only RM3200 per day

  • Red Dragon with batteries/tripod/matte box/follow focus
  • 500GB on-camera Recording Media
  • Full set of Contax Zeiss Primes 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm
  • 2 x Lavalier microphones and/or 1 x Shotgun mic on-camera
  • Radio HD to remote Director’s monitor (included)
  • Kessler Motorised Cineslider
  • Assistant cameraman


Additional lenses, video village, grip equipment, Steadicam, lighting and other items available for rental upon request. Hard Drives need to be purchased for each shoot. Discounted rates apply to multi-day shoots. Please call for quotation.


Available equipment


  • 12' Portable dolly track
  • Steadicam, Shoulder Mount, Car Mount
  • Teleprompter and Eye Direct
  • Miscellaneous LED, Tungsten and Flourescent Lighting Rigs and many other grip items. Sufficient for 3 - point lighting and small scale productions.


Terms & Conditions


  • Per day = 12 working hours. Turn around Time = 10hours
  • Recce Days are charged at a minimum of 25% daily rate
  • Prep Days/Pre-light are charged at a minimum of 50% daily rate.
  • Travel Days are charged at a 50% daily rate.
  • Down Days outside of the home zone are not chargeable except for per diems. However, if there are 3 or more consecutive down days, a half-day rate will be chargeable on the 3rd consecutive down day and subsequent consecutive down days after that.
  • Above 7 days, the 7th day is a rest day. Travelling is not consider a rest day.
  • Per diems will be paid for all days the Camera Crew is outside of their home zone and this is inclusive of the travel day leaving and the travel day returning back to the home zone.
  • MINIMUM per diems are as follows and may vary depending on the location:
  • Within Malaysia: RM50/day/person
  • Overseas: USD50/day/person
  • Production is to provide appropriate transportation and accommodation for the Camera Crew while filming outside of the Camera Crew‘s home zone.
  • There shall be 3 designated breaks per day for meal times of minimum 30-45 minutes per session (“Meal-Break”) for the Camera Crew with maximum 6-hour gap between meals.


Short Duration / Payment Schedule


60 Days Shoot

  • 20% Upon Signing Contract
  • 20% Beginning of Shoot
  • 20% 20 Days of Shoot
  • 20% 40 Days of Shoot
  • 20% Upon Completion


30 Days Shoot

  • 20% Upon Signing Contract
  • 30% Beginning of Shoot
  • 30% Mid of shoot
  • 20% Upon Completion


10-20 Days Shoot

  • 20% Upon Signing Contract
  • 30% Beginning of Shoot
  • 30% Mid of shoot
  • 20% Upon Completion


Below 7 Days: Paid on Final Day of Shoot


Regular or corporate clients with a good record of payment may be offered 30 day credit terms on portions of the payment schedule above the first 50%.

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