True Colours - Festival Intro

Director/DoP/Music Director: Paul Russell

How do you create a promo video for a festival which hasn't booked any acts? That was the challenge that Festival Director, Audrey Perera, set us.


We came up with the idea to gather a small group of Artists with Disabilities to create something entirely new. So with the kind of help of La Salle College, Singapore,  we spent a weekend composing and performing a new, original piece of music especially for the festival. 

This video tells you what the festival is about and how we created the original True Colours ID video, which is featured at the end.


Special shout out to 3rd year La Salle student, Yoom, who engineered the project for us. And also to the very talented and wonderful volunteers who turned up to add their creativity.

The final mix was finished back in KL in our own studio. There is a full five minute festival version below.

Photos by Isabelle, Ahmad and Geoff.


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