The 'Swiss Army Knife' of Creative Communications


Calamity Studio is the corporate home of award-winning  creative all-rounder, Paul Russell. He is what you might call a creative technologist, well versed in both fields and combining them in everything he does. Self-deprecatingly, he refers to himself a 'glorified freelancer'. One of his clients calls him the 'Swiss Army Knife of Creative Communications'.


It's a title well-earned. After 12 years of IT System Sales in London, Paul emigrated to Singapore in 1995 and started his 2nd career as an advertising creative, filling in time at Saatchi & Saatchi, MC Saatchi, DDB and McCann Erickson. He's written major campaigns for the Singapore government, several TV commercials for major international brands, including one for Motorola directed by Oliver Stone (see below). And he's played integral parts in selling both an Integrated Resort and a National Sports Stadium to Singapore.


So, with over 30 years experience in direct sales, marketing, advertising and visual communications, he brings a vast wealth of understanding and knowledge to each project. And a wide network of resources that he can pull in to complete any given task.

Motorola: World Without Wires (2001)

Written by Paul Russell and Scott Brazil. Agency, McCann Erickson Singapore

Directed by Oliver Stone (Platoon, JGK, Natural Born Killers)

Production Budget USD 3 Million

Straight to the Source


Unlike many creative agencies or production houses, Paul provides a clear path to the person directly in charge of creating the final product. There are no middle layers of inexperienced interns. No chances of confusion in the brief. His extensive experience at all levels and layers of the cycle mean that you can skip the 'Room 101' education. This means fast, effective work that fits your brief. On time. On budget.


Pragmatic and fast-working, Paul adds value by thinking multiple steps ahead of the problem at hand in order to provide a clear solution.  He brings a wide range of skills to the table for each task, often acting as a one-man total production facility, capable of strategic thinking, writing, design, photography, directing, production, video editing and motion graphics. And because his first career was in direct sales he never loses sight of the objective of the project: shifting product.


Music, too.


Paul is also a musician/producer, having released one solo CD and five collaborative CDs, as well as other audio work that has been included on several other CDs since 2005. Currently he is part of the duo Anawaty/Russell, who released two albums to critical acclaim in the USA and Europe. He is a member of the Composers and Authors' Society of Singapore, and also the Recording Academy of America.


6K Images. 4K UHD Workflow.


Camera Equipment


  • Red Dragon M Camera, with complete support environment, including
  • 750GB Media
  • Sony A7III
  • A beautiful hand-picked set of cinemodded antique Contax Zeiss Primes:
    18mm f4, 21mm f2.8, 25mm f2.8, 28mm f2 (Hollywood),35mm f1.4, 50mm f1.4, 60mm Macro f2.8, 85mm f1.4, 135mm, 24-70 zoom
  • Canon L Lenses (Run & Gun): L 17-40mm, L 24-105mm, L 70-200mm IS
  • Inspire 2 with X7S Camera


Camera Support


  • Tilta Nucleus-M Remote Follow Focus/Zoom/Aperture Control
  • Tilta Gravity 2X Stabiliser
  • Matte Box,  Manual follow Focus, Formatt Firecrest ND and many other filters and accessories.
  • 12' Portable dolly track
  • Motorised Kessler Cineslider
  • Steadicam, Shoulder Mount, Car Mount
  • Teleprompter and Eye Direct
  • 4 x Sennheiser Radio Lavalier Microphones and Sennheiser Shotgun mic
  • Miscellaneous LED, Tungsten and Fluorescent Lighting Rigs and many other grip items. Sufficient for 3 - point lighting and small scale productions.


Download our detailed ratecard here.

Cinema Quality Video, Audiophile Audio


Calamity Studio's edit and post production suite lives in an acoustically controlled room designed for perfect sound and colour correction.




  • Adobe Creative Cloud Suite
  • Da Vinci Resolve Studio
  • Neat Video Noise Reduction Suite
  • Mocha
  • Izotope RX
  • Samplitude DAW, complete with high quality audio plugins, samplers and synths by UAD. Softube, PSP, Flux, Soundtoys, Lexicon, Melodyne, Nebula, Native Instruments, East West, Soundiron,
    Sonic Couture, Spectrasonics etc


Audio Gear


  • JBL LS6328P Main Monitors
  • BOSE supplementary Monitors
  • UAD Apollo 8
  • UAD 1176LN Outboard Compressor
  • 2 x Avalon 2022 Class A Preamps
  • MW1 Studio Tool
  • DBX 1231 Graphic Equaliser
  • Mesa Boogie Recto Pre
  • 65 Amps Stone Pony Guitar Amp
  • 65 Amps Apollo Bass Guitar Amp
  • Various Audiophile quality microphones by Royer, Shure etc
  • Various high quality guitars from Fender, Yamaha, Sadowsky, Taylor and others.

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